Best 10-gallon Reptile Tanks in 2023

The 10-gallon reptile tank is the optimum home for a leopard gecko. This 10-gallon terrarium is the perfect enclosure for small pets such as salamanders, scorpions, frogs, and even hermit crabs. If you’re searching your first reptile tank to house a leopard gecko or other small pet, you’re in the right place. In this post, we will discuss the main features that a 10-gallon terrarium must-have.

10 Gallon Leopard Gecko Tank Buying Options.

In my modest opinion, the best 10-gallon reptile tank for a leopard gecko is the Repti Zoo 20x12x10 inch natural glass terrarium. It is a great 10-gallon reptile enclosure for a leopard gecko manufactured by Repti Zoo. If you are still not satisfied, you can evaluate the 10-gallon reptile tank of the Zoo Med, Exo Terra, or Zilla brands.

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How to choose a 10-gallon Reptile Tank.

1 Reptile Space Needs.

One of the first aspects while choosing a terrarium is the vital space required by the reptile. To make a correct selection, we must check the size of the adult reptile, the characteristics of its natural habitat, and the habits and behavior of the species.

A simple example would be the choice of a leopard gecko terrarium. This small reptile comes from desert areas, having nocturnal habits and their characteristics. Its small size allows it to be confined in low volume tanks. The minimum required space is 10 gallons for a juvenile or even an adult, but if you want to host a couple of adults, you should go up to 20 gallons terrarium.

2 Reptile Tank Size and Shape.

The volume of the terrarium gives an overall idea of the useful space, but it should be noted that Leopard Geckos spend most of their life at ground level. So a low terrarium with a large area is what we need. A good example is the 20 x 12 x 10-inch Repti Zoo Terrarium, which provides an optimal habitat for the Leopard Gecko.

3 Terrarium Quality and Durability.

The quality of a terrarium can be measured by evaluating several factors. The first would be the strength of the materials used. A second factor would be the effectiveness of the design. Thirdly we evaluate its appearance and finally the safety.

Most of the well-known commercial brands such as Exoterra, Zoo Med, and Repti Zoo use steel, aluminum, high-density plastic, and a glass of the highest quality to make their terrariums.

There are some details to take into account such as access, shape, tightness, and finally, the locking system, which prevents unwanted inside or escapes of our pet.

4 Price and Value for Money.

You must find a balance between quality and price. Although it should be noted that in the 10-gallon terrarium range, the price difference between a prime terrarium and an average terrarium is only a few dollars. If we consider our wish that the reptile tank will last many years and make our pet happy, we should consider quality over the economy. But in the end that is something only you can decide.

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REPTI ZOO 10 Gallon Reptile Tank Pros & Cons.

Size and shape:10-gallon leopard gecko tank

  • It meets the needs of small pets, such as leopard geckos and hermit crabs.
  • The Low height makes it especially suitable for non-climbing pets that enjoy crawling and burrowing into the substrate.
  • Entirely made of tempered glass and steel.
  • This 10-gallon terrarium has a rectangular shape, measuring 20 x 12 x 10 inches.

Reptile Tank Quality:

  • Repti Zoo terrariums are characterized by their solids, stability, and durability.
  • They are made of premium materials of the highest quality, especially the glass that surrounds the entire terrarium, providing excellent visibility.
  • It is easily assembled in a short time by following the instructions provided.
  • The frame and upper mesh are made of metal that is resistant to fatigue and corrosion.
  • Minimal maintenance is needed.

Terrarium Safety:

  • All terrarium keeps stable the humidity and temperature throughout the terrarium, vitals factors in reptile health.
  • The top mesh has a locking system, which prevents undesirable access.

Terrarium Price:

  • Its price is very competitive. Although it is one of the best options, the Repti Zoo 10-gallon reptile tanks it has an average price.  nevertheless, it keeps hight standards according to quality and design. So its price is reasonable for a terrarium that will last for many years with proper care.

A 10-gallon terrarium may be more than a house for your pet. Set up properly, it provides all the safety and comforts your reptile needs. Also, its small size allows being easily integrated into any house decoration, adding a natural look to your home. with no doubt, the 10-gallon reptile tank will be an ornamental key piece and the delight of your children.

Leopard Gecko 10 Gallon Basic Set-Up.

You need minimum elements necessary to accommodate a leopard gecko. Unfortunately, there is a 10-gallon leopard gecko kit. It is a little pricy, but don’t worry, to build a natural habitat and house a couple of leopard gecko in a 10-gallon reptile tank is easy enough, if you know what you need.

Let’s go over the basic needs of your leopard gecko for a moment.

Heat Source: an 8 Watts Under Tank Heater.

The leopard gecko needs to live in a habitat with a temperature range ranging from 78.8°F in the cold zone (where we put water and food) to 94°F in the hot zone. The recommended method for heating a leopard gecko is under tank heaters. These are just resistances inside a pad that sticks under the tank thanks to the adhesive tape that comes incorporated.

The recommended method for heating a leopard gecko is under tank heaters. These are just resistances inside a pad that sticks under the tank thanks to the adhesive tape that comes incorporated. This should be placed at one end of the reptile tank and occupy 1/3 of the terrarium. I recommend the iPower 6 “x 8” Under Tank Heat pad & Digital Thermostat, It is very good quality, energy-efficient, and comes with the thermostat included controlling the temperature automatically.

The substrate,  Hides, Food, and Water Supply.

The next step is to place the substrate. This should be easy to clean, non-abrasive, and above all that can not be consumed by the reptile.

Geckos are small animals that originally lived in desert areas. They use to shelter in cracks and rocks during the day. These reptiles become stressed and stop feeding if they do not have places hide. For these hides, you can use any hollow ornament with an entrance and enough space, from a small trunk to a plastic container. Now, if you want to make your 10-gallon terrarium as natural as possible, I recommend you buy 2 small reptile hides, those are very cheap.

In the case of water and food, you can put a water dispenser in the form of a rock and an anti escape bowl where to put your calcium and vitamins. They are very good at preventing worms from disintegrating all over the terrarium.

10 Gallon Reptile Tank On Sale

Amazon, as well as Walmart, have excellent offers, as far as reptile supplements are concerned. In the case of terrariums, it is no different. If you want to check it just one click on any of its logos and you will check it.

amazon pet supplies Walmart pet supplies

These are native to the desert, so they need much more area to thrive. Most of their activity will be at ground level.

Another factor to consider is access. daily, we will have to access the interior of our terrarium, either to feed our reptile, clean their waste, perform some maintenance, or simply add or change elements. For it, the most common form would be to remove the cover in the superior part.

The bottom should be raised, just enough to allow air to pass between the floor and the tank heater. This avoids overheating and possible burns to your reptile. Another characteristic is the presence of holes. They allow the connection of cables inside. Also, they are closable to prevent the escape of your pet and insects that serve as food.

The other features are to everyone’s liking. I particularly prefer glass terrariums over plastic or plexiglass terrariums, even if they are more expensive.