Bell Albino Leopard Gecko

Bell Albino

The Bell Albino (also less commonly called the Florida Albino) is the newest of the three Leopard Gecko Albino Strains and was discovered by Mark Bell. The eyes of the Bell Albinos are the easiest way to tell them apart from the other two strains. Their eyes are a light pink color. The body tends to have brown spots. Bell Albinos can also express a lavender color on their bodies.

The Bell strain, which is the most recently discovered of the three strains is unique in that they usually have light pink colored eyes and bodies that typically have soft brown spots and lavender coloration.

Bell Crosses

Currently, many breeders are working with Bell Albinos. Kelli Hammack from Hiss has developed many different Bell crosses. One of the most unique crosses she has is a Bell Enigma. The Bell Enigma is an Enigma with solid red eyes. She also has many beautiful Bell Snows, Super Snow Bells, Striped Bells, and Bell Hybinos.

Jeff and Jeff at JMG Reptile have produced the equivalent of the R.A.P.T.O.R. for the Bell Albino strain; the RADAR.

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