Chameleon Supplies

Screen Cage Reptile Terrarium

In chameleon terrariums, ventilation is a decisive factor in keeping chameleons in captivity. Forget about putting a chameleon in a glass terrarium… Ideally, and even cheaper, you should get a vertical screen terrarium. For little money and in less than 48 hours you can have your chameleon terrarium at home. My chameleon terrariums are economical, functional, and are also aesthetic, which is a luxury when you have reptiles in captivity.

Chameleon Cage Accessories

After purchasing the terrarium, we can start conditioning it. To make the habitat of our chameleon comfortable we can use as substrate some echo earth and moss, which also gives a naturalistic appearance and maintains moisture.

It is very important to give them sunlight about 12 hours a day, for this, we can put artificial light lamps with UVB.

They should have artificial plants to provide shade and shelter when they do not want more sun. The humidity of the terrarium should be 60%. It is convenient to use a rain system to maintain humidity because the walls are very ventilated and humidity is lost quickly. Also, Jackson’s chameleon drinks rainwater, so it will also serve as a drinking fountain.

We must set up a heat source in the terrarium to have a zone at 86-95 ºF  (30-35 ºC) and another colder zone at 71.6-75.2 ºF (22-24 ºC). At night, the temperature should drop to 50 ºF (10 ºC) (if we do not respect this condition, they can become stressed and die). To find out exactly which lamps and heating systems are most suitable for your chameleon, we recommend that you visit a vet specialized in exotics to get the necessary information.

The terrarium decoration should consist of climbing areas, hanging plants or vines, and large ficus. We must put a suitable feeding trough so that the prey does not escape.