Front Opening Terrarium: How it Can Make Your Life Easier.

A front-opening terrarium provides reptile lovers with easier access to their pets without having to alter the terrarium settings.
Natural glass terrariums are highly appreciated by herpetologists around the world. Their advantages compared to the traditional aquarium-type terrariums, which had to be accessed by removing the top cover, are undeniable.

Front Opening Terrarium

If you are not familiar with the different types of front-opening terrariums and the main brands and models available, do not worry. In this article, we will cover all your questions, from the best brand of front-opening terrariums, to which model best suits your pet, and especially where you can find it at the best price.

Glass Front Opening Terrarium Advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of a front-opening terrarium over the rest is the ease with which the tasks of feeding, cleaning, and maintenance are carried out easily and safely.

The ventilation is another point in its favor. In fact, in front-opening terrariums, the airflow is more stable, which has a positive effect on keeping the humidity inside the reptile tank and guarantees an optimal temperature gradient.

Generally, medium and large terrariums with the front-opening system have double doors that can be closed independently to limit the access area to the terrarium and thus prevent our pet or its live food from escaping.

The last strong point is the locking system. Although the system usually varies depending on the brand, a common point is the presence of a lock that once closed prevents unwanted access to the inside of the enclosure by other pets, such as cats or dogs, and even toddlers who are curious about your reptile.

Types of Front Opening Terrarium Systems.

Hingwd and sliding front opening terrariums

Hinged and sliding doors are the most commonly used variants of front-opening terrariums. Both have strong points and are the best choice depending on your needs.

Front Opening Hinged door (duals or single doors).

For many the hinge system used in a front-opening terrarium is superior. They are based on the fact that the doors are more silent and have a more refined design. In addition, many users claim that they require minimal maintenance and are very easy to replace.

Sliding Front Opening Doors.

There are many detractors of sliding doors. It is not strange to read opinions that criticize this system, alleging that they get stuck easily if by mistake some substrate or food falls on its base. Others maintain that they are somewhat noisy and that they need to be cleaned frequently so that they are not damaged.

But not everything is bad about the sliding door system for terrariums. It must be said that this system is only used for terrariums over 40 gallons. This is because the weight of the glass panes is considerable in large-capacity terrariums, which makes the hinge system unfeasible in a front-opening terrarium, even if it is planned with double-hinged doors.

The other disadvantage is the space required to open a hinged door in a large terrarium, so the most efficient, economical, and safe option is to use two sliding doors that would facilitate access to the inside of the terrarium easily, gaining space. This is very appreciated in tiny homes.

Front Opening Terrariums Arranged by Size

Top 5 Front Opening Terrarium Brands.

Exo Terra Front Opening Terrarium.

Exo terra Front opening Terrarium

One of the largest producers of terrariums worldwide is the European company, Exo Terra. This company produces a huge range of terrariums for both desert and tropical habitats and consists of a large selection of capacities to house almost any reptile or amphibian. All terrariums are equipped with a front opening system with double-hinged doors, with the exception of the nano glass terrarium which has only one door.

Zilla Front Opening Terrarium.

Zilla Front-Opening Terrarium

Zilla Front Opening Terrariums make it easier for reptiles and amphibians owners to reach their pets. Zilla glass front-opening natural terrariums come with a practical foam backdrop, removable doors, locking safety pins, and top inserts to help hold the moisture in the tank. The bottom of the terrarium is watertight to create a false bottom for the tanks planted or the water features of the aquarium. The top of the terrarium is made of a hinged panel that allows easy access and has a powder-coated screen that resists rust in a high-humidity setting.

Zoo Med Front Opening Terrarium.

Zoo Med Front opening Terrarium

Zoo Med has been in the reptile breeding and trading industry for 43 years. Helping reptile and exotic pet owners around the world. This California-based company manufactures excellent terrariums with snap-lock front glass doors. They also have a stainless steel shade that can accommodate a dome clamp lamp or the optional light bar.

Repti Zoo Front Opening Terrarium.

Repti Zoo Sliding Front Opening Terrarium

REPTIZOO is a company focused on the production of reptile supplies, it already has more than 12 years of experience in the production of products for reptile pets. Their terrariums are easy to assemble and are manufactured to the highest standards.

These front-opening reptile tanks are among the favorites of professional herpetologists as they offer the best access to your animal; they are suitable for wet and humid conditions and are easy to clean.

Carolina Custom Cage Front Opening Terrarium.

Carolina custom Cages front Opening Terrarium

Carolina Custom Cages terrariums are very easy to assemble and come in 11 different models. All are reasonably priced and have a waterproof base from 4″ to 6.3″ deep. Most models have hinged doors. With the exception of the 48″ L model, which has sliding doors.
All terrariums have security key locks and are double-packed with extra strong cardboard for better protection against UPS accidents

Conclusions About Front Opening Terrariums

Once you have bought your first front-opening terrarium you will wonder why you didn’t do it before. If it is your first terrarium nothing happens, but if you have noticed that an old aquarium has been converted to accommodate a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, or even something simpler like a hermit crab, you will notice all the advantages of the first day.

From facilitating the configuration and tuning of your new habitat to giving a professional appearance to your terrarium. Not to mention that you will improve the quality of life of your reptile by ensuring the humidity levels he requires.