High Yellow Leopard Gecko

High Yellow natural habitat

After the wild leopard gecko was adopted as a pet, its breeders began to reproduce it using selective crossover between members of the same litter, seeking to select the reptiles that showed the most intense yellow color and a smaller proportion of dark spots. From those crosses came the high yellow.

High Yellow Leopard Gecko Appearance

This Leopard Gecko is bright yellow with far fewer dark spots than the wild leopard gecko. This is the only difference that distinguishes them, maintaining similarity in all the other characteristics. Apart from this, its size and average weight is similar to that of any other morph except for the giant leopard gecko and super-giant leopard gecko phases.

They share the dominant genetic material transmitted in the crosses between members of the same trait (line breeding), with the intention of magnifying the presence and brightness of the yellow color and the diminution of the black spots in the offspring, being these the base for the choice of new phases, some of them free of spots such as blizzard.

The reptile is anatomically the same to any other leopard gecko. It has the same diet, water supply, temperature range and housing requirements.

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