Leopard Gecko Hides

The reptile hide creates a comfortable and safe refuge for your pets to sleep and rest. The need to use terrarium reptile hiding places is well known. It arises from the tendency for reptiles to become stressed in captivity. This stress affects their health and day-to-day behavior, reducing their appetite and their ability to reproduce. In addition to providing security for the reptile, these leopard gecko hides bring moisture and freshness to the terrarium.
These hiding places, apart from being very decorative, take up very little space in the terrarium. These are some of the advantages of placing a reptile hideout inside your terrarium:

  • A place where they can rest and hide.
  • Similar design to a natural rock.
  • Prevents stress.
  • Very stable.
  • Made of resin for easy disinfection.

Naturalistic Leopard Gecko Hides.
exo terra leopar gecko cave

These Leopard Gecko Hides looks very natural. Exo Terra and Zoo Med have become the market leaders in natural reptile supplies. Their philosophy of success and continuous product innovation has made them the best. Studies, passion, observations, professionalism have contributed to the excellence of the company. The aim is to create the best products by helping to facilitate and simulate their own natural environment in terrariums.

Hide-outs inside terrariums are often underestimated elements in a natural terrarium. Reptiles and amphibians usually develop stress, which will negatively affect their appetite and activity if they do not have a safe place to hide and sleep. With a realistic rocky design and an expanded volume for hiding, the Exo Terra and Zoo Medd Hiding Cave mimics natural reptile and amphibian hiding places. They Produce excellent leopard gecko hides. They are very decorative elements that offer shelter, as well as a cooler and more humid microclimate within the terrarium

Moist Hides for Leopard Geckos

exo terra leopard gecko hide

By keeping the humidity high in a small area, leopard geckos moist hides provide access to an area that will help prevent dehydration, facilitate disposal and keep the dew from which the lizards can drink, all without keeping the whole enclosure too moist and risking respiratory problems over time.

These hides also work very well as laying boxes, and we have had numerous desert species regularly lay eggs in them, including Western Ringed Geckos, Central American Ringed Geckos, Snake Geckos, and Thick Finger Ringed Geckos!

Realistic Reptiles Hides.

Skull hides are an extremely realistic option. They add an exotic touch to any type of terrarium, whether it is a desert, rainforest, or water feature. These skulls offer multiple entrances for easy access and bring a realistic feel to the terrarium setup.