Leopard Gecko Tank

Having a leopard gecko comfortable inside its tank is very simple. These adorable reptiles are gentle in nature and are not very demanding. Although if we want them to be always alive and show all their splendor, they need us to provide them with the necessary habitat and food, according to their needs.

The first step would be to choose the leopard gecko tank. As a general rule, you need a space of 10 gallons per reptile, always keep in mind that if you are going to host a couple, check their sex beforehand, avoiding placing more than one male leopard gecko in the same tank.

In the stores, you will see all kinds of terrarium models, but not all are suitable for all types of reptiles. So, what do you think is a little help to choose the most appropriate?

The size matters when you choose a Leopard Gecko Tank.

If you are new to the world of reptiles and plan to take home a leopard gecko, you will need at least a 10-gallon tank.  For every extra gecko, make the tank 5 gallons bigger. You should prefer a rectangular cage, not too high.

Why not too high?

As we mentioned before, leopard geckos are non-climbing animals. An excessively high leopard gecko tank would only be a waste of money for you since 90% of your pet’s activity will be at ground level. A terrarium with dimensions of 24 ” long x 18″ wide x 12 ” high is a perfect 20-gallon tank, ideal to host a couple of adult leopard geckos. It provides enough space to place all the items to set up the leopard gecko habitat in perfect harmony between comfort and aesthetics.

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What is the ideal material for a Leopard Gecko Tank?

A leopard gecko is a small reptile. It does not have the strength and weight of a large iguana, it is true. But this does not mean that you have to look for weak materials to get a cheap price. It is best to buy a glass tank with metal frames, which are very strong, strong, and durable.

All glass terrarium looks good in any home, providing excellent visibility and are very easy to keep clean.

Do not go for the cheap but for the quality

Do not be fooled by cheap plastic or Plexiglas cages of dubious quality. You can have a very good terrarium for your leopard gecko at a very cheap price, you just have to know what to look for.

For example, on Amazon.com you will find the best brands of terrarium manufacturers, with an adequate and accessible prices for all types of pockets. And if you need it urgently, because your previous terrarium has suffered an accident or is in very bad condition, you can opt for 24-hour shipping.

Features that all good leopard gecko tanks should have.

  • Double opening front doors with safety lock: Allows easy access for cleaning, maintenance, and feeding.
  • A raised bottom panel Allows placing the under-tank heater properly, avoiding tank overheating, thanks to the free air circulation.
  • Screen Cover: It provides proper ventilation, prevents the insects and the reptile from escaping, and allows the penetration of light
  • Build-in wire inlets at rear: That facilitates the connection of temperature probe or any wire needed.

The Best Reptiles Tanks Manufacturers.

In the market, there are dozens of companies specializing in providing terrariums for reptiles, their substrate, decoration, and even their food. Among the most recognized is Exo Terra.

It is true, you can use a small aquarium to house a leopard gecko and save a few dollars. But believe me, in the long term always the cheapest option is the most expensive one. These tanks are usually narrow and high, which would cause overcrowding. These aquariums do not come with a proper base, so you need to build or buy one that makes it easier to place the heater. Another negative point is the cleaning and maintenance of the terrarium will be difficult. And last but not less is the absence of holes where to wire the inside of the terrarium.