Patternless Albino Leopard Gecko Morph

Patternless Albino

The Rainwater Albino Patternless is the combination of two recessive genes, the Rainwater strain of albino and the Patternless. Both traits are externally visible with the albino expressing itself by eliminating dark pigment. This last one gives the morphs body colors to vivid yellow appearance and a whitetail. These are a very clean and striking looking morph.

Tremper Patternless Albinos also combine two recessive genes. Tremper Albino and Murphy Patternless. These are a little difficult to produce. The reason is that they are respectable trait, resulting in normal-looking geckos that are “double het” for patternless albino. To solve this problem they had to breed each other to produce normals, albinos, patternless, and a few amount of Patternless Albinos.