PVC Reptile Cages

PVC Custom Reptile Cages are constructed of ½” black extruded PVC, premium polycarbonate sliding doors, vents in the rear, and your choice of customization options like:

  • Side vents
  • Belly heat recess
  • Screen Biggest Cutouts
  • Arcadia Reptile Lighting

PVC Custom Reptile Cage

**Approximate Outside Dimensions: 35”x23”x23.5”

As we know beings and specifically reptiles are born into a vast world with huge enriching environments. It is our ethical responsibility as keepers to supply the closest thing possible to their natural environment that’s why we made our custom PVC reptile cages Huge! Our 3’x2’x2’ reptile enclosures are equivalent to roughly a volume of 81 gallons! The days of heavy glass 40-gallon pet stores or that snake tank that’s in your grandma’s basement are remotely gone with our 3x2x2 custom PVC enclosure. The PVC 3x2x2 Premium PVC reptile enclosure weighs under 50 lbs. Our PVC reptile cages are nearly 2x larger than a traditional glass forty-gallon breeder.



First and greatest all PVC custom reptile enclosures are made out of pet-safe materials. We use ½” extruded rigid PVC, we use this high-quality material because of its sleek matte end, heat retention qualities and not to mention its non-porous so it’s simple to clean up and doesn’t promote bacteria growth for example other reptile cages may.


PVC custom PVC enclosures can be used for several species depending on their individual needs. All of our PVC cages include been designed to allow either minimal humidity retention or maximum depending on what the keeper’s goal is, if you are planning on doing a bioactive setup we suggest adding the additional side vents to promote more airflow. Our enclosures are built out of ½” extruded PVC for its superior heat retention qualities, this amazing quality will result in needing a lower wattage bulb in your reptile enclosure resulting in energy savings and keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.


The 3’x2’x2′ custom reptile cage is an amazing house for:

  • Ball Pythons
  • Corn Snakes
  • Green Tree Pythons
  • Leopard Geckos
  • Beaded Dragons


At PVC we strive to use the highest quality substances for our Premium PVC Enclosures that’s why we use rigid expanded PVC & polycarbonate for our reptile caging.

  • Material: ½” rigid expanded PVC
    • Lightweight closed-cell foam
    • Closed-cell surface
    • The matte surface end, both sides. A matte surface is amazing for reducing unnecessary stress on your reptile because they can not witness their reflections.
    • Vibration and sound absorbent
    • Low thermal conductivity (high insulation value)
    • Lightweight
    • Chemical resistant, non-corroding
    • Low water absorption (does not rot)
  • Premium polycarbonate doors are a much safer option than glass.
  • Venting: Slit venting on the upper back wall of the PVC enclosure.