Aiicioo Ceramic Heat Emitter 100 Watts


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Aiicioo  Ceramic Heat Emitter – Reptile Heat Lamp 100 Watt Lizard Heat Lamp Bulb No Light Emitting Snake Lizard Gecko Turtle Brooder Chick Coop Heater.

Features of the Aiicioo  Ceramic Heat Emitter

  • COME IN 2 PACK BLACK100 watt Heat Lamp-To prolong the lifetime, alternate 2 lamps in turn. This heat lamp will continue to heat with a life cycle of 20000 + Hrs for 24 hours.
  • Non-Light Released-Produces infrared heat close to a normal Sun. Provides 24 hours of steady heat to the atmosphere of the reptile, but on lights to disturb the sleep cycles of the reptile.
  • 100% Heat Efficiency & Sustainability-Ni-Cr-Alloy wire heating resistance faster and saves more energy than usual form. Right for the Gal Terrarium 30-40.
  • Great for High Humidity Terrarium-Ceramic solid part, ideal for humid environments. Increase the temperature of the natural air in the terrarium …
  • The flat-faced design is more effective and longer-lasting than conical designs that internally produce excess heat, gradually carbonizing the part.


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