Exo Terra Mercury Vapor Lamp 160 Watts


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The Exo Terra Mercury Vapor Lamp designed for Basking is a great mercury vapor bulbs in the reptile industry that emit heat and UVB UVA light.
So, it really is an all-in-one bulb for your reptile, and when I say reptile… I mean iguanas, bearded dragons, chameleons, anything that likes to sunbathe probably needs this bulb.
These mercury vapor bulbs are gas bulbs that emit a lot of UV. For example, in any area, perhaps in the central part of the United States, on a sunny day, you will get 150 microwatts of UVB. If you bring a UV radiation counter closer than 12 inches, it will read well over 250. And the closer you get to the bulb, the more UVB and UVA rays will bind to your reptile.

Alexander Duerto
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My name is Alexander and I run an exotic pet store. As you can imagine, heating is essential in my work, so I am very knowledgeable and very expert in the field. If you want me to give you a hand in choosing the best heating products, trust me on this. On the other hand, I will also help you to condition your terrarium with very interesting tips and comparisons.


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