iPower Reptile Heat Pad 8″x12″, 16 Watts


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If you decide to have an exotic lizard as a pet check our blog, you will find a lot of interesting information there. The iPower Reptile Heat Pad is specially designed to be used in a typical glass terrarium for reptiles, amphibians, small animals, or plant terrariums. Compared to other general heating pads now on the market, our heating pad is constructed from a modern heating film.

Features of the iPower Reptile Heat Pad

  • New heat and insulation film increases heat transfer in the carpet. Reach desired temperatures in minutes.
  • 3.3-yard paper decal for a mounting on bottom or sidewall of terrarium
  • Ideal for use with reptiles, amphibian terrariums, small animals, or vegetables.
  • Specifications: Size 8 “x12”, 120 volts, 16 W, 6 ft power cord
  • UL listed; water-resistant; 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


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