iPower Reptile Heat Pad 8″X18″, 24 Watts


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If you search through our blog for an exotic lizard as a pet, you’ll find plenty of useful details there. For reptiles, amphibians, small animals, or plant terrariums, the ipower reptile heat pad is specifically built to be used in a traditional glass terrarium. Our heating pad is made from a new heating film, similar to other general heating pads currently on the market.

iPower Reptile Heat Pad Features

  • Size: 6″x8; “8W; Cord length: 6fts
  • 120V US Voltage and Normal Plug and No Adapter necessary
  • Simple to clean and easy to use
  • Built to be durable and moistureproof
  • Warranty for 1 year

Improved Design: New film and insulation for heating improve the total heat flow through the mat. Achieve the ideal temperatures in minutes.

3 M Adhesive Paper: Gives the contact region a firm grip. Exactly where you position it, the heat pad remains.

Energy efficiency: Achieve the target temperatures in a shorter period of time while consuming less energy than the goods in comparison.

The range of our iPower heaters is 4 to 24 watts, making them very economical to run. It may also be used with thermostats and/or elevated temperature forms in combination with an external heat source.

Restricted 1 Year

* Warranty available only for US clients


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