ZooMed Under Tank Heater 8×18, 24 Watts


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The ReptiTherm ® U.T.H. heat pads from Zoo Med are suitable for use as a primary or secondary heater 24 hours a day. All ZooMed Under Tank Heater pads have been UL / CUL approved and contain a nichrome calefactor feature.

There are different accessories for your terrarium to achieve the perfect temperature. These can be used in combination so that your pet grows up healthy and comfortable.

The key heat source in your terrarium is usually a heating lamp: bulbs that emit a natural infrared wave and heat it from the surface, imitating the activity of the sun.

But a very functional complement to these lamps are the under tank heating pads. These increase the temperature of the terrarium substrate, simulating the natural soil where reptiles take refuge.

Alexander Duerto
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My name is Alexander and I run an exotic pet store. As you can imagine, heating is essential in my work, so I am very knowledgeable and very expert in the field. If you want me to give you a hand in choosing the best heating products, trust me on this. On the other hand, I will also help you to condition your terrarium with very interesting tips and comparisons.


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