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Zoomed Under Tank Heater 8×6, 8 Watts is one of the most popular heating devices for reptiles. This heating pad is an excellent secondary terrarium heating system, simple to mount and operate.

The number one sale under tank terrarium heater in the United States is Zoo Med Reptitherm Under tank heater. It is best suited for reptile and amphibian use.
They are more energy-efficient than lamps made of ceramic. A lot of energy is wasted from the heat lamps, which is a concern for everybody. You’re going to want one of these Under Tank Heaters, and you’re going to want to save hundreds of energy bills.

The Reptitherm UTHs are tested, and certified in a laboratory. Often the heat lamps pose fire risks, but the Zoo Med heating pad is very stable.
It can be used for higher-temperature animals with a thermostat or in combination with an external heat source.
The Zoo Med Reptither Under Tank Heater comes with a full one-year warranty, but if your heater stops running, just call or email the company and you’ll get a fresh one.

Zoomed Under Tank Heater 8×6 inches 8W Features

  • Great for use with temperate, terrestrial reptiles such as king snakes, corn snakes, gopher snakes, rat snakes, geckos, some amphibians, small skinks, small nocturnal lizards, etc.
  • Excellent as a secondary or nighttime heating source for tropical and desert reptiles such as snakes, beardies, iguanas, turtles, skinks, etc.
  • Very reliable and easy to use, with a year warranty.
  • Number one brand in reptile heat pad sales with over 40 years of experience
  • Energy efficiency and low consumption with little impact on the electricity bill.

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