Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium 36x18x18


This Carolina Custom Cages 36x18x18 Large Terrarium is designed and produced by Carolina Designer Dragons. This company prides itself on being a boutique that offers terrariums designed especially for bearded dragon breeders. Based in North Carolina, this company has earned a remarkable reputation among herpetologists, especially among Bearded Dragon lovers. The Carolina Custom Cage Large 36x18x18, although not their largest terrarium, has all the prime features of their terrariums.

Terrarium Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions: 36¨ width x 18¨ deep x 18¨ height. (90 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm).
Volume: 48.85 gallons.
Weight after assembly: 56 pounds (25.4 kg)
Shipping Weight:  60.4 pounds (27.4 kg).

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Carolina Custom Cages 36x18x18 Large Terrarium Features

Easy assembly at home: The assembly of this cage is very easy. Following the instructions that accompany the terrarium, it can be assembled in a few minutes.
Hinged doors: Unlike the larger models that use sliding doors, the terrarium of 36¨x18¨x18 ¨ has two hinged front doors. This allows easy access to the interior and limits the risk of your pet escaping.
Top Screen: The upper screen is made of thick metal, it can withstand any temperature that the heating system may emit, regardless of whether it is ceramic heat emitters or mercury vapor bulb.
Keylock system: The door includes a key lock to prevent accidental opening or unwanted access.
Raised waterproof base: This terrarium has a high 4¨ base, which is totally waterproof. This allows the creation of mixed ecosystems that require some water reservoir. This type of terrarium due to its size usually needs a secondary heat source. In these cases, a heating pad can be easily placed under the tank, thanks to its raised base.
Sturdy and Solid: This correctly assembled terrarium is extremely solid. The materials are of the highest quality and are designed to last.
Impact-resistant packaging: The compact packaging of the terrarium parts and the multiple layers of protection give it a high impact resistance. Something very desirable in online shopping.

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