Exo Terra Leopard Gecko Starter Kit


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What is in the 10-gallon Exo Terra leopard gecko starter kit?

  • Housing: the Natural Terrarium SMALL / LOW of Exo Terra is suitable for Leopard Geckos.
  • Substrate: The Sand Pad simulates the compacted substrate of the natural settings of the leopard gecko. The Sand Mat should be replaced, or as required, every 3 months.
  • Decoration: The Reptile Cave Medium is a nice colorful hideout to hide and sleep in during daytime hours for your leopard gecko.
  • Lighting: Leopard Geckos are primarily crepuscular, meaning that during dusk and dawn they are most active.
  • Heating: By heating roughly 1/3 of the floor space (88-94 ° F) by putting the Exo Terra Heat Mat Tiny on one side of the terrarium floor, it is better to create a daytime temperature gradient, so 2/3 can stay cool (80-82 ° F)
  • Food: Insectivorous-feed everyday juveniles and adults every other day-always dust with a 1:1 combination of Exo Terra Multivitamin and Calcium + D3 powder supplement the feeder insects.
Alexander Duerto
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My name is Alexander and I run an exotic pet store. As you can imagine, heating is essential in my work, so I am very knowledgeable and very expert in the field. If you want me to give you a hand in choosing the best heating products, trust me on this. On the other hand, I will also help you to condition your terrarium with very interesting tips and comparisons.


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