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The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium 18 “x18 “x24” is a favorite of herpetologists around the world. It is excellent for housing tree frogs, toads, and other creatures. These versatile tanks are well suited for many types of set-ups, including paludariums or rain forest set-ups, artificial or natural.

Terrarium Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions: 18¨ width x 18¨ deep x 24¨ height. (45 cm x 45 cm x 60 cm).
Volume: 33 gallons.
Glass thickness: 0.23622¨ (6 mm).
Weight:  40.9 pounds (18.55 kg).
Shipping weight:48.6 pounds (22.04 kg).

Exo Terra Terrarium 18x18x24 features

One of the biggest advantages is the double front opening, except for the smaller 8-inch tanks that have only one front door. The front doors allow us to care for and feed our amphibians or reptiles inside safely and easily. There is no need to remove any accessories, as with top-opening tanks, or create a barrier to prevent animals from escaping, as with a single front-opening door.

Exo Terra terrariums come in a wide variety of sizes to suit many reptiles and amphibians. In the particular case of the Exo Terra Terrarium 18x18x24, it is designed to meet the needs of jungle reptiles or amphibians. The top of the metal screen allows for easy attachment of infrared or UVB lighting. But if you plan to raise a pet that needs more than 80% humidity, you may have to replace the screen with a solid glass cover. Another method will be to install a misting system.

The foam bottom is created to replicate the rocks and is useful when it comes to decorating your terrarium. Whether you choose to use live plants, artificial plants, flexible vines, or pieces of wood, the foam makes it easy to attach the accessories. Simply use wire, sticks, skewers, netting cups, etc. to attach the items to the foam bottom. The cable cavity, combined with the lockable inlets at the top of the screen, allows plenty of space for the cables or pipes needed in your installation.

Exo Terra  Terrarium 18x18x24 Pros & Con


  • Dual Doors: The dual front opening doors allow easy access for maintenance, misting, and feeding.
  • Lock: A reliable specially designed lock prevents unwanted opening from children or pets.
  • Removable Stainless Steel Cover: The full-screen top allows UVB and infrared penetration, and is completely removable for easy access while decorating or cleaning.
  • Waterproof Base: The Exo Terra lower panel is watertight, it allows for deep layers of substrate, or to be used to create a water feature as high as the ventilation strip.
  • Raised Bottom Frame: The bottom glass panel of the terrarium is raised to facilitate the mounting of a substrate heater, preventing heating problems.
  • Natural-Looking Rock Background: The natural-looking rock background is in the same color family as other Exo Terra accessories blending nicely for natural-looking habitat.


  • Price: There are indeed other terrariums with a slightly lower price. But we must remember that we are talking about an Exo terra terrarium. They are considered by many to be the best terrarium on the market. The high quality usually comes at a high price. It is up to you if you want to buy a premium terrarium or explore other options.


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