Exo Terra 24x18x12 Terrarium


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The Exo Terra 24x18x12 Terrarium is our favorite. We use it for many of our geckos, small snakes, and other creatures. These versatile tanks are ideal for many setups, including tropical and desert habitats.

The biggest advantage is the entrance doors. Entrance doors allow us to feed and care for the creatures inside with ease and safety. There is no need to remove accessories, as is the case with top opening tanks,

These terrariums have a capacity of 20 gallons and are suitable for many reptiles and amphibians.

The foam bottom is designed to reproduce the stones and is useful for decorating the terrarium. Whether you want to use live plants, artificial plants, elastic vines, or pieces of wood, the foam bottom allows you to easily attach the accessories. Simply use wire, sticks, skewers, latticework cups, etc. to attach the products to the foam base. The cable cavity, combined with the lockable entrances at the top of the screen, provides ample space for the cables or hoses needed for installation.


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