REPTI ZOO 10 gallon reptile tank


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The REPTI ZOO 10 gallon reptile tank allows a perfect 360 view for your animal; it’s suitable for wet and humid conditions, hygienic, and easy to clean. Glass also maintains the correct heat gradient more efficiently and conveniently. It is vital for the well-being of a reptile and amphibian to retain the correct heat gradient when they use external sources of heat to regulate their body temperatures in their environment.
Preserving the correct temperature is important for body functions such as digestion. It is important to have the right temperature levels in order for the animal to thrive and to flourish.

Top REPTI ZOO 10 gallon reptile tank Features

  • Special designs for shipping that can be quickly disassembled.
  • Rapid assembly in 2 minutes
  • The cover includes feeding holes specially made that are both made to be functional and creatively appealing.
  • The top “rose and fall” sliding panel is quick and very convenient.
  • For an enhanced visual effect, the specially designed metal cover on the panel allows light to flow through the room and the metal covering readily tolerates the heat-emitting lamps used by many reptiles.
  • A transparent reusable PVC tray at the bottom of a
  • Stackable design: Multiple terrariums can be placed together for further pet breeding.

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