REPTI ZOO Terrarium 36x18x18


The REPTI ZOO 36x18x18 terrarium is an excellent choice when providing a cozy environment to house your pet reptile. This glass terrarium has everything you need to recreate your pet’s natural habitat.
With a 50 gallon capacity and a rectangular shape, it can accommodate several adult leopard geckos, numerous baby bearded dragons and even a couple of juveniles. Its easy assembly, solids, and stability in addition to its great versatility makes it a worthy option.

Terrarium Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions: 36¨ width x 18¨ deep x 18¨ height. (90 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm).
Volume: 48.85 gallons.
Glass thickness: 0.23622¨ (6 mm).
Weight after assembly: 55.1 pounds (25 kg)
Shipping Weight:  58 pounds (26.3 kg).

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REPTI ZOO Terrarium 36x18x18 is one of the best desert reptile tanks on the market today. This terrarium complies with the company policy, which is to focus on the production of prime reptile supplies. With more than 12 years of experience in producing reptile pet products, their goal is to provide customers with high-quality products such as Repti Zoo 50-gallon terrarium.

Repti Zoo Terrarium 36x18x18 Features

  • Easy assembly: It is a home-assembled terrarium, fabricated following the top quality standards. It can be assembled in a few steps, following the instructions in the video provided. It takes 10 minutes to assemble.
  • Waterproof base: The terrarium is airtight up to the hinged doors, allowing a “water reservoir” inside the terrarium, or a body of water for an amphibian.
  • Raise bottom frame: The glass base of the terrarium is raised, making it easy to mount a reptile heating pad.
  • Dual front doors: Double front opening doors allow easy access to the inside of the terrarium. This allows for cleaning, feeding, and watering, limiting the possibilities for pets or insects to escape. This is achieved by keeping one of the two doors always closed.
  • Ventilation windows: The side ventilation grille facilitates ventilation in the terrarium, helping to create a natural environment and facilitating thermal conduction inside the tank. It is flexible and can be placed in different positions as required.
  • Safe lock system: The lock is specially designed to prevent unwanted access by children or pets. The key lock is an additional security measure that prevents the animals from leaving the terrarium.
  • Metal top mesh: The upper mesh is removable. It provides excellent ventilation thanks to the airflow. In addition, this mesh allows the penetration of full-spectrum light, UVB, and IR, either natural or emitted by the various reptile lighting systems.

REPTI ZOO 36x18x18 Terrarium Pros & Cons


  • Size and shape: Its 36″ x 18″ x 18″ dimensions create a 50 gallon rectangular shaped reptile tank. In it easily fits desert lizards, such as young bearded dragons or colored neck lizards.
  • Water-tight base: The raised bottom base facilitates to place any heat pad. The base is also waterproof, making possible the creation of complex environments.
  • Dual front doors: They can open separately, reducing the reptile or insects escapee. Allowing easy cleaning and maintenance inside the terrarium.
  • Ventilation: It has a window on both sides allowing free airflow.
  • Wiring and tubing: On top and right have closable inlets for wires and tubing
  • Assemble: Easy to install, we have installation notes, only need 5 minutes to install it or knockdown


  • Locking system: It only comes with a key to control the door lock
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