Striped leopard geckos

Striped leopard geckos morphs show stripes running down their bodies. Stripes are not to be confused with bands, which are rings that wrap around the width of the body.

Red Stripe

Red Stripe was discovered by a Canadian breeder. At first, they named the new morph as “Red Racing Stripe”. After selective breeding their first Red Racing Stripes, the obtained geckos showing a yellow-orange body with two intense reddish colored stripes running down the dorsal area. Today, the late Red Racing Stripes is called is simply a Red Stripe. The stripe may vary from intense striping to broken faded out striping. Red Stripe hatching emerges with brown coloration where the stripe will later develop. It takes this morph approximately six months to fully develop its traits.

Raining Red Stripe morph

Raining Red Stripe

The Raining Red Stripe morph is the result of crossing Rainwater Albinos with Red Stripe and Bold Stripe varieties. These morphs look like much like a Rainwater Albino with red stripes. Much like their other striped counterparts,  Raining Red Stripes can get pretty pricy

Bold Stripe

bold stripe leopard gecko

Bold Stripe geckos show a clear stripe of yellow that runs down the center of their back framed by solid lines of dark pigment. The sides of the leopard gecko’s body and tail usually exhibit additional black spotting. The stripe may extend from the base of the head along the body to the base of the tail. The black lines bordering the stripe vary in width and can either be broken or solid lines. There are still doubts about the genetics of this morph. It is not clear if it is an incomplete recessive gene or an incomplete dominant gene. This gene can be crossed into many other morphs to create great combinations of morphs.

Jungle Leopard Gecko

jungle leopard gecko

Jungle Leopard Gecko gets its name from the patterns and colors of its body. Its design is unique in each one of them. They are hard to classify because not two jungle geckos are exactly the same. They may have spots or stripes, and come in all different colors. They are known for particularly having diagonal stripes. This reminds us of the camouflage of some military uniforms. This type of mutation is something unpredictable to achieve. It is the case that some of the parents carry this gene without showing them and it is in the offspring that appears clearly. In many cases, they do not show the characteristic design and coloring to achieve maturity. There is not enough information if this genetic trait is dominant.

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