Tangerine “Carrot Tail & Head” leopard Gecko Morphs

Tangerine leopard gecko

The name Tangerine applies to any Leopard Gecko that shows orange coloring on its body. Its occurrence is frequent in any of the three varieties of the Albinos (Tremper albino, rainwater albino, and bell albino ).
There are different nomenclatures linked to the proportion of orange pigment as well as its location. An example of this is the Carrot Tails and the Carrot Heat. Resisting these names when they present at least 15% of the surface covered by the orange color.
Being tangerine, carrot tail, or carrot head is more a characteristic obtained by selective reproduction than a genetic mutation. This can appear not only in albinos but in other leopard geckos where the absence of black pigment is considerable, eg Hypo Tangerine and Super Hypo Tangerines.


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