The Leopard Gecko’s world

The Leopard Gecko’s world

THELEOPARDGECKO.ORG was born with the aim of spreading truthful and quality information about the care, breeding, reproduction, and feeding of the most popular reptile pets in the world.

The 5 most popular pet reptiles in the United States.

Leopard Geckos

The leopard gecko (Eublepharis Macularius) is one of the most popular types of geckos bred as pets. They are native to the Middle East, specifically Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

They were named after the leopard spots on the skin. The animal leopard gecko is a suitable pet for almost anyone because they are small and can be left alone for days. Pet owners also emphasize the fact that the leopard gecko has no odors, is cheap and doesn’t need much space.

Crested Gecko

The Crested Gecko is an incredible animal of strange but extreme beauty. It is an arboreal lizard that came to believe itself extinct for a long time until it was rediscovered around 1994. Since then it has attracted the attention of experts and curious thanks to its great colorful and beautiful features.

Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is an impressive reptile, the living representation of historical myths and medieval legends. Although it does not vote fire, its mere presence takes us to what could have been the majestic dragons of ancient times.

This is a docile and friendly lizard that can be easily manipulated, but you must also respect its space.


Chameleons are a family of vertebrate reptiles belonging to the scaly sauropsids. It is neither an amphibian nor a mammal. Its scientific name is Chamaeleonidae. More than 161 species are known, and in Africa, its place of origin, there are more than 85 different species. (Specifically in the areas of South Africa and Madagascar).

These small and graceful reptiles can go from dwarf sizes (1 inch) like the chameleon of Brookesia Micra, which does not grow, to giant sizes for its species, like the Calumna Parsonii, which when it is adult reaches 80 centimeters, the biggest of its species.

Green Iguana

The green iguana is a reptile up to 2 meters long that lives in Central America and much of South America. They usually live in areas of dense and thick vegetation, such as mangroves, jungles, grasslands, and places near water concentrations. It is often used as a reptile pet and weighs up to 15 kilos.


Leopard Geckos
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